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Gigi Hadid Lost a Shoe on the Anna Sui Runway

Over the years, we’ve witnessed some pretty unfortunate runway mishaps, but models are nothing if not consummate professionals and, when faced with an outfit snafu on the catwalk, they usually take it in stride. That, quite literally, is what Gigi Hadid had to do at Anna Sui this evening, when she found herself down one stiletto—though you wouldn’t even realize it, because at no point did her strut waver.

Hadid was gearing up to close Anna Sui’s Spring 2018 show, wearing her second look from the collection. The getup required a full head-to-toe change, down to the footwear—and, it seems that, in the backstage rush, one of her heels wasn’t properly secured. So, as she was following sister Bella down the catwalk, she continued to walk as if nothing had happened…except, if you look really closely, you’ll notice she’s simply walking on the tip of her toes.